Peer Review/Mediation

At the San Antonio District Dental Society, our member dentists are committed to delivering exceptional oral health care services. However, we understand that sometimes things may not go as expected. In such cases, we offer a confidential and free mediation/peer review service to both our member dentists and their patients. This service helps to resolve issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner, without the need for a court case.

To initiate the process, patients can contact our office at 210-732-1264, and our staff members will guide them through the initial steps.

Working closely with the Texas Dental Association (TDA), the San Antonio District Dental Society assigns each case to our experienced Peer Review Committee, which comprises of volunteer dentists who specialize in mediation and peer review services. The committee may interview or examine the patient and talk with the dentist who provided the treatment to find a mutually acceptable resolution.

The entire process is confidential and free for our members. Our member dentists may choose to participate in the review process. In most cases, the San Antonio District Dental Society is able to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of both parties.