Board of Directors

The San Antonio District Dental Society (SADDS) is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of elected officers and members. The Board oversees the Society's operations, manages its finances, and ensures that SADDS fulfills its mission to promote oral health and support the dental profession.

The Board is elected by the membership and serves for a term of one year. The officers of the Society include the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. In addition, the Board also includes Directors, appointed by the President with the approval of the Board and membership.

Board members are dedicated to advancing the dental profession and serving the needs of our members and community. They work diligently to develop and implement policies that ensure SADDS remains a strong and effective organization.

The Board of Directors meets regularly to discuss and make decisions on matters related to the Society's operations and to plan events and initiatives that further our mission. These meetings are open to all members, and we encourage members to attend and participate in the Society's governance.

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for their commitment and leadership in supporting the dental profession and promoting oral health in our community.

SADDS Officers 2023-2024


Frederick T. Philips, Jr. D.D.S.


President Elect
Oshmi Dutta B.D.S.


Vice President
Kelsey Edmondson D.D.S.


Sarah Tovar D.D.S.


              Immediate Past President
                William J. Cruse, D.D.S.

SADDS Directors


Director, Div. 1, North
Taylor Cook D.D.S.


Director, Div. 4, West
Akshay Thusu

Austin Lee

Director, Div. 2, East
Austin Lee D.D.S.


Director at Large, 5 yrs. or less
Selina Gutierrez D.D.S.

Billy Morgan

Director, Div. 3, South
Billy Morgan D.D.S.

Moshtagh Farokhi

Director, Dental School
Moshtagh Farokhi D.D.S.

                TyroneRodriguez                                                     Sandra Nairooz

                 Newsletter Editor                                                     Membership Chair
            Tyrone Rodriguez D.D.S.                                    Sandra Nairooz D.D.S., MSD, Diplo. ABO