Dental Emergency

There are a few conditions that qualify as a true dental emergency. Those include fever, inability to swallow or breathe due to infection, severe swelling, bleeding, or unmanageable pain. Those conditions require immediate evaluation and treatment at a facility that is qualified to provide emergency care. For these conditions you may consider seeking treatment at your local hospital emergency room.

A limited number of appointments are available at the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School for urgent (non-emergency) dental care. You may make an appointment for urgent care by dialing the Dental School at 210-567-3212. Normally appointments are scheduled the day following your call.

There are four other ways of arranging dental appointments for urgent care.

  1. If you know you are in need of tooth extraction(s), please call Oral Surgery department at the Dental School directly at 210-567-3296.
  2. You may consult the roster of San Antonio District Dental Society member dentists who serve your area which are available HERE
  3. You may dial 211 for the Texas, Health and Human Services Information and Referral Network for information on access to clinics that serve the public at reduced cost.
  4. You may contact a Community Health Dental Clinic directly. The names of the clinics in the San Antonio area are available HERE